Lot 81                1920s Whitney Witch and Walnut Fortune Place Card (BOOK ITEM)
This rare fortune place card was produced by Whitney during the 1920s. The imagery is unconventional in that there is a witch and her familiar standing behind an enormous walnut. The walnut cracks open to reveal a fortune. This is one of a set that Whitney created and sold. Its fortune reads, “Around this old world you will travel trying a mystery to unravel.” Tortured prose aside, items from this set are quite hard to come by. This measures ~4.25” high by ~4.5” wide, closed. There is a soft bend to the witch’s hat and some minor wear to the cat’s ears. A small rectangular patch of surface paper is gone where the item would be folded along a scored line enabling it to stand as a place card. This is the very item photographed for my reference book and appearing on page 279 of the third edition. This entered the collection on August 5, 2009. The prevailing bidder will receive a handwritten note on my personal Halloween stationary attesting to this provenance.                 

RSIN: 2/Condition: 7

Final: $40                Bidder #1