Lot 69                1946-1949 Beistle Embossed Scarecrow Scene Diecut (BOOK ITEM)
The complete set to which this diecut belongs was produced by Beistle from 1932 through the early 1950s. Although commonly seen, I’ve long had a soft spot in my heart for this set, being one of the first I strove to complete. This diecut shows a scarecrow scene. It measures ~9.25” high by ~8.5” wide and is moderately embossed. (The three embossing levels can be generally described as heavy, moderate and light with the production dates roughly corresponding to 1932-1941, 1946-1949 and 1950-1954 respectively.) The only condition issue is some softness to the bottom right corner. There are no pinholes. This is the very item photographed for my reference books and appearing on page 152 of the third edition. This entered the collection on March 27, 2000. The prevailing bidder will receive a handwritten note on my personal Halloween stationary attesting to this provenance.   

RSIN: 3/Condition: 8+

Final: $85              Bidder #3