Lot 59                1948 Beistle Mak-Ur-Own Witch by Tombstone Party Sign
Beistle produced a set of four of these party signs they marketed under the awkward rubric of “Mak-Ur-Own” Party Signs for a single season – 1948. I had never even seen them until leafing through Lavin’s 2005 Timeless Halloween Collectibles. (They appear there on pages 16-17.) I resolved to get them then. I found this one several years ago and kept it even though the condition is fair. I miraculously found a complete set last year, allowing me to pass this along to another collector. The one in the auction shows a witch and her familiar crouching behind a tombstone upon which the party-giver would write something. Lavin quotes Beistle’s original marketing verbiage as this: “Use for fun and utility. Assorted four appropriate designs in three colors on cardboard. Blank space for making signs, directions, or funny sayings. Suggestions for use on back of each. Each measures 9” x 12.5”.” The condition is problematic in that someone wrote what they did in a substance that won’t erase. There is a 1” tear to the right of the cat, a pinhole to the left mid-point of the witch’s hat, soft corners, tape residue to the reverse and general wear throughout. That said – find another one!

RSIN: 1/Condition: 3

Current Bid: $200          Bidder #6              FINAL