Lot 55                1912 The Magic Hallowe’en Schmucker by Winsch Postcard        
This is one of the most desirable Winsch Halloween postcards of all. The lightly embossed postcard was the result of a collaboration between the artist Samuel Schmucker and the publisher John O. Winsch. Called The Magic Hallowe’en, it depicts a woman dressed in a harlequin gown and a white drape adorned with a skull and crossbones surrounded by a plethora of JOLs. This is one of the rare survivors not to have been postally used. The condition of this gem is near-mint-plus. Not only are the corners sharp, but the blue background is richly hued and not at all faded. I have had several postcard collectors examine this and all wanted it. If you collect postcards, don’t allow this true gem to escape your grasp.

RSIN: 2/Condition: 9+

Final: $200         Bidder #29