Lot 47                1930s Cardboard Cat Squeaker (BOOK ITEM)
This cat squeaker was made by an unknown manufacturer in an unknown country during the 1930s. (If I had to guess I would bet it was made in the USA.) It measures ~5” high by ~2.25” wide by ~2.75” long. The graphics show a kitty with a loosely tied bow. The squeaking mechanism is silent, surely because the section connecting the front with the back is rigid. There is a bend to the left front leg, although the leg is not wobbly. This is the very item photographed for my reference books and appearing on page 211 of the third edition. This entered the collection on November 15, 1992. The prevailing bidder will receive a handwritten note on my personal Halloween stationary attesting to this provenance.  

RSIN: 3/Condition: 8

Current Bid: $140               Bidder #79         FINAL