Lot 45                Beistle Domino Hat Mask with Bat
Beistle made four designs of what they marketed as domino hat masks. Each is devilishly difficult to find in any condition. Beistle made these off and on between 1926-1931. This is the bat version. It has a small nick at the nose and some minor creasing between the nose and one eye and from that same eye to the border. (The nose was designed to flip out so the mask could be comfortably worn, so any creasing there is to be expected.) Unusual to this piece is the printed advertising on the reverse for Sunshine Bakers. This is one of the few domino mask I’ve seen that features this advertisement. It measures ~7” high by ~7.75” wide.

RSIN: 2/Condition: 7

Final: $150         Bidder #29