Lot 44                1940s Beistle Dual-Sided JOL Lantern with Different Expressions
This JOL lantern was produced by Beistle sometime during the late 1940s. One side shows a rather dyspeptic JOL while the other side shows one which has been having a good day. The lantern is complete with its original unused bottom. The lantern measures ~5” high by ~2.5” wide by ~8” long. The condition is very fine plus with bright colors and no extraneous marks. What prevents it from being near-mint are several imperfections in the original inserts. On the dyspeptic side, there are minute tears at the nose and at the one side of the mouth. On the “good day” side, there is a tear to one eye, a closed tear to the other eye, minute tears at the nose and a small piece of insert missing at the right side of the mouth. (These all sound much worse than they really are.)

RSIN: 2/Condition: 8

Current Bid: $75            Bidder #79        FINAL