Lot 44                1923 Beistle Triangular Hat with Witch and Black Cat
Beistle released this large hat design in 1923 for a single season only. Made from thin paper, surely few have survived these 94 years. This hat measures a whopping 15” high by ~13.5” wide. The Beistle cursive mark is one that was used sparingly. The hat displays well, although if you look closely while holding it up to light one can see a few scattered pinholes and a developing closed tear at the very bottom middle of the witch’s dress. These defects are minimal given its age and the paper ply used.  By the way, these hats were shipped from the factory folded at the middle, so the middle fold is unavoidable. I both love and am grossed out by the thick chin hairs on the witch!          

RSIN: 1/Condition: 7

Final: $90     Bidder #80