Lot 39                Two Early 1930s German JOLs with Original Inserts
This lot consists of two early 1930s German JOLs, each measuring ~3.75” high (excluding the wire bale) by ~4.5” wide. When purchased some time ago, the seller told me these were used as table decorations at a birthday party for her mom in the early 1930s – she thought 1933 – then stored away. Neither ever had a candle lit inside as the bottoms are free from discoloration and wax residue. The inserts and bottoms are original. The JOL on the left is in slightly better condition than the one on the right. Any exterior discoloration is from the JOLs being improperly stored in a barn not climate controlled.

RSIN: 4/Condition: L 6  R 5

Final: $60         Bidder #74