Lot 32                Medium Late Teens German Cat Head Lantern with Original Insert
This is the earliest German cat head lantern I’ve seen. Several things tip me off that this is one of the first cottage industry manufacturing iterations: it was made without staples, a hallmark of German construction methodology; the bottom consists of two slightly overlapping halves that were than held together by glued black crepe paper; the candle holder is smaller and much more ornate than later versions. I believe this lantern was made in the late 1910s. This is the first such lantern I’ve seen, so it is exceedingly rare. It measures ~4.25” high (excluding the wire bale) by ~5” wide. The inserts are completely intact and all original. This lantern was never used so there is no wax present. There is separation along the one side but this does not affect the structural integrity of the lantern.

RSIN: 1/Condition: 8

Final: $285     Bidder #59