Lot 27                Pair of Late 1940s Tallies: Owl with JOL & JOL with Bat
These two tallies were produced during the late 1940s by an unknown manufacturer. (I didn’t scan the interior of the owl/JOL tally because it doesn’t appear as if it had ever been opened. Rest assured the inside is clean and free from any post-production writing or markings of any kind.) This tally was issued with a stock number of HT916-1. The JOL/bat tally has a stock number of HT81. The former measures ~2.5” high by ~3” closed, while the latter measures ~3.25” high by ~3.25” across. The latter has a slight indentation from a small paper clip in the moon area.

RSIN: 3/Condition: 9

Current Bid: $10         Bidder #33             FINAL