Lot 21                1919-1922 Beistle Enclosure with Printed JOL-Headed Scarecrow
Very recently I bought a nice selection of vintage Halloween material out of a closed lodge in Montana. This early Beistle enclosure was among the material. Printed on the orange envelope is a JOL-headed scarecrow. I speculate that this was used at an early party to hold a fortune or place card. Open, it measures ~4.5” long by ~3” wide. This same JOL-headed scarecrow image appears on a Beistle Pumpkin Head Garland bag made from 1919-1922. (You can see the identical image on the envelope on page 145. I’ve also included two photos of the bag. One of these photos is a close-up of a JOL-headed scarecrow that is printed at the lower right corner of the bag as you face it. This is an exact match to the image on the orange enclosure. The photos of the bag are for illustrative purposes only. The bag is not included as part of the lot.) Beside the one being offered at auction, I’m retaining another envelope from the same purchase for the collection. This is an exceedingly rare bit of Beistle arcana. I know of no others extant.

RSIN: 1/Condition: 9+

Current Bid: $80          Bidder #6         FINAL