Lot 108             1910s Veggie Man German Horn with Wood Top (BOOK ITEM)
This large paper litho over cardboard horn was made in Germany during the 1910s. It shows a traditional Veggie man with a JOL head, carrot arms and potato feet. It stands ~10.75” high. There is a fragment missing from the wood top and the reed is missing making this horn a silent one. This was one of my first of the more expensive purchases I made at the dawn of my collecting habit. This is the very item photographed for my reference books and appearing on page 195 of the third edition. This entered the collection on September 29, 1989. The prevailing bidder will receive a handwritten note on my personal Halloween stationary attesting to this provenance.  

RSIN: 2/Condition: 8

Final: $210              Bidder #29