Lot 106             1920s The Lucky Box Candy Tin with Fortune Telling Feature **
This rare candy tin was issued by an unknown manufacturer during the 1920s. (The few times it has surfaced during the last five years has been through British auction venues, so this may very well have been produced in Great Britain.) The tin’s lid features a witch and her black cat familiar tending to a blazing fire nearly engulfing a hanging cauldron. There is a small number printed at the bottom of the lid, 1638. There is a fortune telling component to this tin. One would spin the small metal knob at the center to reveal one of twenty fortunes in the slot above the cauldron hook. These fortunes range from “A Happy Outcome of All Your Trouble” to “Sign Nothing Without Reading It” to “Beware of Red Hair” to “A Snake is in Your Path.” The lithography retains its rich colors. There is minor wear to the lithography, but nothing that detracts from the item’s ability to be the focus of a display. It measures ~5.5” in diameter by ~1.75” high.

RSIN: 1/Condition: 8+

Current Bid: $750               Bidder #6         FINAL         

** This lot closes at 9:30 PM on Sunday, May 13th.