Lot 101             1945-49 German Owl Windowpane Diecut
This heavily embossed diecut was made in Germany sometime during 1945 and 1949 based on the circular “USSR Occupied” stamp at the upper portion of the reverse. It measures ~12.75” square. It is one of four windowpane diecut designs produced, and the only one known to have been also produced after the war. Because these are so large and heavy, it is common and expected for there to be wear to the perimeter. Overall, this is in somewhat better than normal condition, with only one section at the bottom left corner having appreciable surface paper loss. On the right side starting above the lowest branch and extending to the lower right corner, someone covered what would have been surface paper loss with a black marker. (That wasn’t me, folks!) The rest is mainly surface cracking due to changing temperature and humidity levels over the decades.

RSIN: 3/Condition: 6+

Final: $275             Bidder #41