Lot 100             1930s German Boy with Saxophone Diecut (BOOK ITEM)
This exceedingly rare heavily embossed diecut was made in Germany around 1935, being one of the last designs Germany exported, and then only to eastern Canada. (Most of the rarest of all German diecuts were among these last designs, representing the last export gasp of Nazi Germany before that regime’s attention turned toward military matters.) The diecut measures ~15.5” high by ~6.75” wide and is in fair condition. The condition of the legs is the biggest issue. The left leg (as you look at it) is held on by tape and does flop around. The legs show wear. Overall, the diecut is soiled with dark patches most noticeable along the saxophone. I’ve seen this surface only a handful of times over the decades. This is the very item photographed for my reference book and appearing on page 171 of the third edition. This entered the collection on November 14, 2011. The prevailing bidder will receive a handwritten note on my personal Halloween stationary attesting to this provenance.                           

RSIN: 1/Condition: 3

Final: $225             Bidder #8