Item 98             1923 Beistle Fairy Invitation with Rat
Beistle produced a masterpiece of a party set in 1923. They were so rightly proud of their efforts that they made it available to the public in three packaging iterations: a boxed set, an enveloped set and the same set in booklet form. Pieces from this effort are widely collected. This item is an invitation with an eye-catching clock with a rat scampering to one side. It measures ~2.75” high by ~5.25” across. (This invitation design was so popular that Beistle issued it in an enveloped set of six from 1923-1925 sold with stock number 511.) This invitation was meant to be folded along two dotted lines to give the invite a 3-D appearance. This is in unused, unfolded near-mint condition.

RSIN: 3/Condition: 9+