Fakes, etc.

I'll begin populating this page with photos of reproductions, fakes and fantasy items as I see them listed on eBay, Etsy and other such sites. Hopefully, collectors will refer to this page to minimize the occasions reproductions, fakes and fantasy items are unknowingly purchased. If you see something on this page that was sold to you purporting to be a vintage item, immediately send it back for a full refund. 

vintage RAINBOW MAN candy container GERMAN 1930's halloween

This seller has been selling items that he purports to be from the 1930s for years. I have yet to see a Halloween item he has ever offered that I believe was made prior to 1995. These slant-hatted cylindrical things first began showing up around 2000. They have modest decorative value only, nothing close to what this poor soul paid. This seller, landerstoys, has long been one with whom I choose not to do business.